Tigers Educational Identity

2 Dec

A new Bangkok-based company soon to be launched, Tigers Educational. The professional choice  for education-related recruitment, management and training. More designs to follow.

Using tight custom typography and strong symbol, the aim was to convey professionalism and education through this unique logo. The 3 stripes symbolize books lying diagonally and a subtle representation of a tiger claw mark.

On a dark background, the "Tigers" text and subtext can be switched to white

Bangkok Dolphins Designs

2 Jan


Q&A Brochure

3 of 15 certificate designs:

Fightgear Identity

1 Jan
2 logos made for http://fightgear-4u.com/

Above logo is used for promotions and merchandising - the concept is to use the curve of the 'G' to convey a sense of "tumbling" or "rolling".

MMA Heavyweight - Nick "HeadHunter" Chapman sponsored by FightGear4u

Sense Day Spa Identity and Designs

13 Jul

Logo identity, brochure and other stationary for a new therapy spa in Koh Samui.


SENSE logo - Sybolizes the 5 senses with a feminine style

Gate fold brochure (tri-fold) Outside

SENSE brochure inside

SENSE brochure inside